Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Get with the Creator yo!"

Truth is hard to come by in our culture today. Popular culture perverts it, the mainstream media distorts it, and most of us try to ignore it because we fear the responsibility of knowing the truth. Few speak out boldly by their lifestyle, their words, or their actions.

One man has chosen to speak truth in a sincere and straightforward way, but perhaps in an uncommon medium; rap. I have come to appreciate rap, though it will probably never be something I can listen to for any extended period of time. I like to describe it as poetry put to a beat. If done well it can be powerful. Lecrae, a rapper and a follower of Christ, uses it to proclaim the truth he knows.

In the album (rebel), the title to one song says it all: Truth. He unabashedly challenges our culture's acceptance that all truth is relative. He says, "If what's true for you is true for you and what's true for me is true for me, what if my truth says your's is a lie? Is it still true? Come on man!" But, this verse is my favorite.

"See, there's this thing called "Secular Humanism", it says man is the source of all meaning and all purposing. You know what i'm saying? We're just the result of a big cosmic explosion. We don't really have a purpose or meaning, so we just come up with our own purpose. We're the source of our meaning and our purpose. How can a man, which is the product of chance, a finite being be the source of purpose and meaning? You can't! You're created with purpose man! Get with The Creator yo!"

This man's life, which was broken and floundering, changed. Why? He'll tell you it was Christ his savior that reclaimed his life by the truth of Jesus' redeeming sacrifice. Now he proclaims that in his lifestyle, actions, and his music. If you do not know truth in your life, consider that you were created for a purpose. And "Get with The Creator yo!"


  1. I can't stand rap but LeCrae's lyrics are always a good read.

  2. Dakota, his lyrics are much better when you hear them live. And his rap isn't as abrasive as some... give it a listen.

  3. yesss! I love Lecrae! we missed the chance to see him when he came to san leandro :(